Bespoke Journeys

Tailor-Made Vacations in Morocco 

Kooko Morocco Holidays knows better than anyone the wonders that the country conceals and which often escape the eye of the uninformed traveler. It will be a pleasure to have you made during a TAILOR-MADE TRIP.

The points of interest are not lacking in the cities, but on can cite pell-mell: the largest mosque in Africa in Casablanca, the fortifications of the white city of ESSAOUIRA, the mysterious Chefchaouen in which it is so good stroll, the breathtaking view of Gibraltar offered by the kasbah of the medina of Tangier, or even the IMPERIAL CITIES of Marrakech.

Off the beaten track, the country of the Atlas also offers fabulous settings that will delight sports enthusiasts as well as nature lovers. From the Valley of the Roses and the snow-capped peaks of Kelaa M’gouna to the cedar forests of the Middle Atlas, passing by the red cliffs of Oued DADES, many natural places are an incentive for trekking in Morocco and strolling around. the expression of the main axes